Patient Testimonials

I am very pleased with my Oticon Alta Pro aids and the warm and expert service from Dr. Al-Izzi. This latest pair of aids is the first time I have bought two at the same time – wish I had done this years ago. It is amazing how well the aids work in tandem with each other and without adjusting on my part. Superb experience!

– Sue M.

I’ve had a wonderful experience with Dr. Shaeleen and Northgate Hearing Services. She and her staff are thoroughly attentive and patient. My hearing aids are fabulous! I’m so pleased that I came to Northgate Hearing!

– Emily W.

Great hearing aids! I can hear much, much better now. It makes a difference. Nice to talk to friends and family again!

– Sonja S.

I have been using hearing aids for 4 years before I came to Northgate Hearing Services. My new hearing aids were a different style and my new ones are 100% better! The services at Northgate Hearing are very friendly and professional!

– Richard M.

They are the best. I have been coming here since 1994. I cannot say enough about these folks and the way they run their business.

– James T

The people at Northgate Hearing are the most personable and helpful in getting the right product for the right person. I’ve worked with them for many years through about four generations of technology. They are always up on what is new and always willing to listen to my needs.

– Celia T.

Very thorough, thoughtful, professional, informative and friendly.

– Steve A, MD

The entire staff cares about me, not only as someone needing Northgate Hearing Services products and expertise, but they care about me as a person. They all have fabulous listening skills. They listen with their hearts as well as their minds. They care about my frustrations and concerns, which range far beyond my ability to effectively use my hearing instruments and they want quality of life for me. Everyone in the office-even Gunther- builds my self esteem through affirmation, sense of humor and genuine warmth. The staff supports one another the same way. Yes, they are a business but it’s like coming home and having someone sit down in front of a cozy fire and soothing away your cares by encouraging you to share your thoughts. They truly DO LISTEN so I can hear. And I hear so much better that I ever imagined with their interest and help.

– Patsy R.

It was wonderful that our problem was so successfully solved. We thank everyone at NHS for their compassionate help.

– Cellisa R.

The staff at Northgate Hearing Services worked closely with me to make sure I was satisfied. Their service and expertise is outstanding!

– Jack R.

I want to thank Northgate Hearing Services where I was treated with respect, understanding and cheerfulness. They made sure I was fitted with appropriate aids for my individual problem. NHS is always there for me if I need any adjustments. I am so thankful for all their understanding and help.

– Catherine H.

All of the personnel were professionals that were friendly, courteous and very helpful to me. I recommend these people and their products of top quality.

– Ken D.