Balance testing

Feeling dizzy lately? Room spinning, off-balance, or generally feel like you’re walking on a boat when you know your feet are firmly on solid ground?  

Surprisingly these sensations could very well be due to your ears.

Our Doctors of Audiology will work with your Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Physician to investigate the cause of your dizziness. Many people can benefit from a vestibular evaluation, including those that experience vertigo, dizziness, instability, and/or veering to one side while walking. It may be surprising to read this, but your eyes and ears are responsible for maintaining your sense of balance and equilibrium. A vestibular evaluation will assess the neurological pathway from your ears to your brain to identify any potential source of disequilibrium.

A vestibular evaluation at NWH+T includes a comprehensive audiogram (hearing test) with assessment of the hair cells in your inner ears, vestibular nystagmography (VNG), ocular and cervical VEMP testing, and auditory brainstem response (ABR) testing. During these tests you will wear goggles and have sensors attached to different locations on your head and neck.

Your Audiologist will assess the readings from your eyes and neural responses from the sensors while you complete specific tasks to determine the root cause of your disequilibrium. In some events, treatment can begin at the same appointment as your testing. In other situations, you will be referred back to your ENT, to vestibular physical therapy, or other medical professionals for treatment pending the outcome of your testing.

Most insurance companies require a referral for testing. We kindly ask that you request a referral from your ENT to schedule your vestibular evaluation, to ensure fastest care. Upon scheduling we will provide you with some guidelines to be aware of for your testing day.