Hearing Aid Repairs

Once your hearing aids have been tuned and worn for a while, you might need an adjustment or repair for several reasons. Hearing devices are electronic instruments with very small parts and wires. Like any device, something can disconnect or break, and wires can work loose. With proper maintenance, hearing aids from quality manufacturers should last years. If something goes wrong, the technicians at Northwest Hearing and Tinnitus are trained to diagnose problems and make repairs.

Hearing aid components

The main parts of any hearing device are the body (container), battery, tube and earpiece (if equipped), and electronics. The plastic or rubber parts can wear while several things can damage the electronics. Dropping the hearing device will damage it and water can be a very bad substance for your hearing aid.

Troubleshooting hearing aid problems

There are a number of small issues that can present and won’t require repairs, just a little at-home troubleshooting. If you are experiencing problems with your device turning on and off, try changing the batteries. Keep in mind your hearing aid batteries can go bad, so make sure the set you have isn’t expired. If the volume of your device doesn’t seem to be loud enough, try adjusting your settings to ensure you haven’t accidentally switched them into a different program. You can also try replacing the batteries, as your units require power to produce volume. If you are experiencing feedback or muffled sound, carefully clean your devices and adjust their position in your ears to confirm you are getting the best listening experience possible. 

If you try these common fixes and still find your hearing aids aren’t working, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our audiologists to have your devices evaluated and repaired. 

Office repairs

Our audiologists are fully capable of handling most minor hearing aid repairs in our offices. Sometimes a problem needs to be checked by the manufacturer, where we send products and quickly get them returned to you. We will communicate this timeline with you and any replacements or fixes that are required.  

Hearing aid products are guaranteed under several plans. Parts and labor for repairs could be included, but be sure to check with us about these important features while choosing your devices. We will include complete information verbally and in writing about guarantees.

Our friendly staff at Northwest Hearing and Tinnitus will be happy to assist you! Visit us at 10564 5th Ave NE, #203 Seattle, WA 98125