We know you have many options for your hearing healthcare needs. Northwest Hearing + Tinnitus has been Seattle’s educational and healthcare resource for hearing and tinnitus treatment since 1988. We are independently owned and operated, meaning we put the needs of patients first – always. We offer the best devices from all of the top-of-the-line […]

Hearing Aid Batteries

HEARING AID BATTERIES TYPES OF HEARING AID BATTERIES Here are the battery sizes used by major hearing aid manufacturers: Size 10, the smallest, has a yellow sticker Size 312 is identified by brown stickers Size 13 is identified by orange stickers Size 675 is identified by blue stickers Lithium–ion rechargeable batteries Battery designations might include […]

Hearing Tests at NWH+T

HEARING TESTS If you’ve decided to get help for your hearing loss, our Audiologists are highly trained in conducting hearing tests that will inform you of the type and degree of hearing loss you might have. More importantly, the results from the tests will help us provide and suggest the right hearing aid or other […]

New Brand Name

We are excited to announce the REBRANDING OF NORTHGATE HEARING SERVICES. After 35 years of serving the community under this name, we have worked hard to create a new brand and name that embodies the future direction of this clinic. After almost a year of preparation, we are proud to introduce you to NORTHWEST HEARING […]