Hearing Aid Batteries

Batteries are major concern for hearing device users. Owners want fresh batteries readily available, and we have them. Batteries are small and can be difficult to identify and replace but packaging is designed to readily identify each one.

Types of hearing aid batteries

Here are the battery sizes used by major hearing aid manufacturers:

  • Size 10, the smallest, has a yellow sticker
  • Size 312 is identified by brown stickers
  • Size 13 is identified by orange stickers
  • Size 675 is identified by blue stickers

Battery designations might include sets of letters, but the size is always included: A312 or ZA 312 A are both size 312 batteries.

Office services for batteries

Some people cannot replace hearing aid batteries due to dexterity issues. They are tiny and fit in intricate compartments. We can help replace batteries, but the best device for these folks could be a rechargeable hearing aid. Let us look into your needs in this area if hearing aids are recommended for you.

Caring for your batteries

Batteries are an important part of your hearing aids – they keep them powered! It’s important to always keep some spare batteries on hand so you don’t find yourself without one and a drained device. To preserve their lifespan, you should follow a few simple maintenance tips to get the most power for your hearing aid batteries. Remember to never remove tabs until you’re ready to put your batteries into your hearing aids. Once the strip is removed, your battery becomes activated by the air, so even if you’ve never used them in your devices, they will already be losing their charge. 

Additionally, make sure to keep your hearing aid batteries in a dry area at room temperature. You may have once heard you should keep batteries in the refrigerator, but this is not advised as it can cause moisture and condensation to develop and may impact how your batteries function. Also resist the urge to keep hearing aid batteries in your car glove box, while it may be nice to always have them on hand, extreme heat and cold can decrease their longevity and performance.

For batteries, we’ve got you covered! Northwest Hearing and Tinnitus handles any battery your devices need. 

We keep a supply of batteries for you to purchase in our office. Stop in routinely for fresh batteries. Set up an appointment with us through this link or call us at (206) 367-1345