Wearing a Mask: 5 Ways To Prevent Losing Your Hearing Aids

*Wearing your mask such as the 2nd example in the picture will most likely prevent you from losing your hearing aids compared to the 1st example.

With the global coronavirus pandemic, wearing a mask outdoors is now the “new normal”. This could be difficult for people who wear hearing aids. Check out these five ways to prevent losing your hearing aids:

1. If wearing a mask, avoid ones that go over your ears and instead opt for masks that tie around your head.

2. Remove your hearing aids before you remove your mask, shirt, jewelry, or anything going over your face/head.

3. Use Oto-clips to clip your hearing aids to your glasses or clothing.

picture of oto clips to secure hearing aids to glasses.

4. Create a routine of where you place your hearing aids at night. Keep them in a case or drying kit whenever they’re not on your ears.

5. If possible, set “Find my Hearing Aids” on your phone (in the hearing aid app).

*image via WikiHow